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Poland 100 is a special mentoring program created to mark the centenary of Poland’s Independence. It’s dedicated to young Americans – representatives of the country that supported the revival of the independent Polish state. USA nowadays is the global leader of entrepreneurship, innovation and development, however we strongly believe Poland has gained significant experience worth sharing with you.

The program engages 10 outstanding figures – owners and CEOs of the largest and most successful companies operating in Poland. They are the pillars of dynamic economic growth, leaders of global expansion, technological breakthrough and empowerment of the Polish community. Mentoring Program Poland 100 is under the auspices of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

We hope that for young Americans Poland 100 will become a platform for new, significant personal relationships and professional inspiration. What we have to offer is openness and friendship from representatives of the nation which was able to overcome the greatest obstacles, deeply believes in its own strength and is determined to fight for a better future.


For Candidates

Poland 100 is a mentoring program providing young Americans a unique opportunity to meet owners and CEOs of the largest companies from Poland. This list includes following companies: Bank Pekao SA, Inglot, Maspex, PZU, PZU Życie, Asseco, BCG, Comarch, Synthos, Polpharma, Adamed Pharma.

Mentoring meetings will give you an opportunity to visit Poland, meet your Mentors and get behind the scenes of the largest companies from Central Europe.

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